Support Services

As any marketing professional know, when it comes to Qualitative Market Research Focus Groups and In-depth Interviews, every detail matters and no project is ever the same. The Respondent Hub ensures that the details are our focus so you, your client and your customer’s experience a well-planned Focus Groups or IDI in a comfortable setting that provides the right atmosphere for the best results.
The Respondent Hub takes great pride in dealing with each project and brand as unique; and caters for their specific needs. We are not a “one structure fits all” service but rather a selection of services where you can choose what suits your needs. We ensure that your Qualitative Research project has all the key elements that guarantees the customer is comfortable and in the right setting, so you can get to know them better. 
Administrative support as well as assistance with stimuli distribution
Transcribing / Notetaking and Translation services
Catering for both Respondent and Client requirements
Transport and Incentive Management
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